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Conferences and exhibitions


10-12 May: Inauguration of the Biennial. Lectures. Check the Schedule.

10 May - 17June: Exhibitions at the Pazo da Cultura

  • Educational projects 1st Biennial

  • Architecture and childhood projects in Colombia

  • Expo-active

  • UIA Children Golden Cubes

Educational projects


Until 30 November: Reception of educational projects.

1-15 December: Review and first correction of errors


15 December - 9 January: revision, classification and final rectification of the projects delivered.


10 January - 28 February: sending to the committee of experts. Selection of projects.


16 March: publication of selected projects, awards and mentions.


10 May: public exhibition of the winning projects in Pontevedra and awards ceremony.



28 December, 2017: Call for papers. Abstract submission


31 January, 2018: deadline for receipt of papers proposals (maximum 2,100 characters and 3 images 72 dpi).


21 February, 2018: selection of papers by the committee of experts.


26 February, 2018: notification to the authors of the selected papers.


6 April, 2018: Deadline for delivery of final texts of accepted papers (max 7 pages, 14,700 characters including spaces, max 10 images 300 dpi).


10-12 May, 2018: attendance sessions of the Biennial.

Workshops in the street


Check the information of workshops on this link.

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