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Teacher in Primary Education and Bachelor in Biological Sciences.

She has worked thirty-five years at the Colegio Principe de Asturias (Prince of Asturias School), located on the Campus of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Autonomous University of Madrid) and recognized for its Participatory Center Project and its methodology based on Active Methodologies in which she has held positions of teaching and directive responsibility.

She has participated in the design of the Environmental Education Program of Madrid, as well as in the Curricular Development of the area of ‘Conocimiento del Medio’ (Environment knowledge) of the LOGSE.

Currently, she is a member of the Board of Directors of Acción Educativa, an association that has been a reference for Pedagogical Renewal for more than forty years.

She is part of the ‘Ciudad de los Niños’ Group for more than a decade and its coordinator since two years ago. The group´s work focuses on aspects related to the city, participation, and autonomy of children in the city. In recognition for their work of almost twenty years, they received the UN-Habitat Award as Best Practice to improve life in the cities in 2012.


This seminar poses a reflection on:

- Conditions that must exist so children’s participation is real.
- Role of the adult in this process.
- Changes that can happen in the school, the neighborhood, the city.

The methodology of work: "With children’s skin"

- Participatory dynamics: presentation of the attendees, expectations about this workshop, formation of small discussion groups.
- Reflection in a small group about interesting aspects arising from the previous sessions of the Biennial, in this workshop...
- Communication to the rest of the participants of the reflections of each group (Each group will design a form of communication).
- Sharing and drafting conclusions.

Throughout the process, we will try to direct our look-remember the child or the girl that we all have inside.

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