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Workshop 2: CLARA ESLAVA

Clara Eslava Cabanellas is an architect from the ETSAUN, PhD in Theory of the Project at ETSAM, co-founder in 2004 of Eslava y Tejeda arquitectos and currently, she works as an Associate Professor at the Antonio de Nebrija University, Madrid, in Aesthetics, History and Industrial Design Projects and Interior Space.


Specialized in childhood and education, she has been reflecting and writing for years about the spatial needs of children in their growth process and the adaptation of the spaces of the city, homes and educational centers to these infantile impulses. Currently, she advises various administrations in projects of play and educational spaces.


Clara is the coordinator and co-author of the book "Territories of Childhood: Dialogues between Architecture and Pedagogy" with Isabel Cabanellas Aguilera, Miguel Tejada Fresán, Alfredo Hoyuelos Planillo, Walter Fornasa and Raquel Polonio. In 2015, she presented her PhD thesis "Footprints of Childhood in the Creative Impulse: Primitive Areas", directed by the architect Juan Navarro Baldeweg, where she investigates the imprint that the infantile stage leaves on all the people as a source of our present imagination. Both, are important references in the field that brings together childhood, architecture, and education.


She has also published many articles, such as "Environments for Childhood: Schools between Experience and Project", "Forgotten Spaces, Learning Environments. Code of Good Practice for Working in Existing Spaces", "The Memory of Childhood - or Proust's Imprint - in Peter Zumthor",  “'Abitacolo' by Bruno Munari: Contemporary Domestic Childhoods "...



The "invisible cities" of childhood. City and childhood will be addressed following the general lines:

- The city of memory

- The sensitive city

- The tangible city

- The ungraspable city

- The imaginary city

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