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Studies at the School of Architecture, Urbanism and Arts of the UNI, Course of Social Urbanism in the EAFIT University of Medellin, and Basic Habitability Diploma for the social inclusion of the FAUA-UNI. Associated founder of the Coordinator of the City in Construction since 2016, CITIO (Transdisciplinary City) from 2008 to 2015, and N.N. Arkitektos since 2003.

Consultant of Invermet for the ‘Barrio Mío’ Program of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima between 2011 and 2013, and Coordinator of the Public Space Recovery Service from 2013 to 2014.

Lecturer, workshop maker and exhibitor at events of Architecture, Urbanism, Art and Cultural management in different cities of Peru and abroad. Articulator in different physical and digital media on related topics.

Winner, with the Fitekantropus Project team, of the FAD City to City Barcelona prize in 2016; 2nd place of the CAF Competition for Urban Development and Social Inclusion in Latin America in 2015; 2nd place of the 1st National Contest of Architectural Criticism 2016, and 3rd place of the First Research Competition about the Culture in Metropolitan Lima 2013.


ARCHITECTURE AS PROVOCATION. Reflections on the participation of children in the production of public spaces in Lima-Peru.

‘Escuela Espacial’ (Space School) (CITIO-CCC) is a playful project of civic, environmental and urban education that works since 2010 with children of different ages and conditions as protagonists of the production processes of the city, with the aim of generating critical thinking and spatial sensitivity for the construction of citizenship.

A training "from Architecture" allows to treat concepts related to inhabit that teach that living in a house and a neighborhood can be, more than a functional response and a passive aesthetic look, a conscious and active experience, an ethical and critical intervention of an environment built and re-built on a day-to-day basis, hand in hand with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers.

On a conceptual and methodological basis according to the Peruvian reality, specific workshops are designed according to the places, social components, intervention time and the public, in 7 modules:

-Body, Space, and Movement.
-Spatial Memory and Urban Imaginaries.
-Micro-projects and interventions.
-Construction and scale
-Poetry and Space
-Integral Urban Projects
- Urban Stages

The workshop to be held in Ludantia will interpolate the theoretical basis with practical exercises of each of the modules. The participants will interact with each other in different indoor and outdoor spaces.

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