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It is a collective of architects created in 2008 and installed in the Nau Ivanow. The promoters are architects who combine their work with researching, university teaching, cultural management and dissemination on architecture and the city, with the aim of forming a critical and demanding citizenship towards the urban environment which may have a leading role in the construction of the city.

El Globus Vermell performs all kinds of architectural services, from new construction and rehabilitation projects to educational and cultural activities and materials (workshops, guided tours, urban itineraries, publications, exhibitions, etc.) which aim to awake the imagination, reflection, and debate. They also collaborate regularly in publications and events that have the built environment as the protagonist.

They are part of the Educational Project of the city of Barcelona and, from December of 2017, of the Pedagogical Innovation Council promoted by the Municipal Institute of Education. They are also signatories of the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability and, in addition, members of the "Aproximacions" a group of young Catalan architects. In 2018 they started with the ‘Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos’ of Catalonia (chartered institution of architects) the development of an educational program for schools aiming to have an impact on the introduction of the architectural discipline in the school curriculum.



Participation processes are tools for the transformation of spaces but, at the same time, they are opportunities for the transformation of the citizenship itself, fantastic opportunities to show people that the city is theirs and that they can do with it whatever they want, they need, they dream.

We dream of a critical and active citizenship that seizes its present and its future. And with some administrations that, instead of designing places, leave space for people to decide. In that sense, the youngest should always participate because they are not only citizens of the present, but those who have more future.

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