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Architect. Specialist in Urban Design and Masters studies in Theory and History of Architecture of the National University of Colombia. As an academic, she has been a professor of History and Urbanism and research work for publications related to Heritage and Architecture.

Her line of work includes projects that link social, architectural and pedagogical components. She worked in district public projects such as ‘Obras con Saldo Pedagógico’ (Works with Pedagogical Balance), participatory design in communities. Heritage Guides of Misión Bogotá that linked the street population and was the academic director of the ‘Fundación Escuela Taller de Bogotá’ that incorporates socio-economically vulnerable young people for the learning of heritage professions. Also in 2010, she won the second place in the Architecture for Humanity Competition. ‘Aula del Futuro’, with the ‘Architectura Justa’ group, which included the participatory component of children and teachers.

Since the end of 2011 and with the support of the Leopoldo Rother Architecture Museum of the National University, they created the "LunArquicos, an experimental practice of Architecture with children", dedicated to the education of children and young people in Architecture, selected among the best projects of UNAL-2015, highlighted at the national level, and invited to various national and international events. "LunArquicos is made up of a group of professionals in architecture, design, and art, and is a proposal that opens a space for observation, experimentation and creation of topics related to Architecture for children between 4 and 15 years old, either as awareness, approach, didactic materials or participatory processes.



What happens when we ask children about their dreams and needs? How do we ask them to "quantify" or to express in a "technical-scientific" way their aspirations if their nature is subjective and emotional? What will we do to make their participation to count in a culture where the indicators are those that give meanings of value?

The voice of girls and boys is fundamental to recognize them as active citizens where their opinions are decisive. Participation processes face two challenges, the first is that they feel their reflections are included with value in the decision, and the other, that the processes leave pedagogical balance of learning where their critical view of their environment is strengthened, allowing them to debate, confront, agree.

Both challenges make us look for a way between art and science that collects and articulates the opinions of the children, allowing them to be quantified without losing their artistic-playful dimension at the same time they can learn throughout the process.

The seminar-workshop will propose the development of two complementary exercises to be applied to the children in participation processes.

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