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From 20-40 hours.

Projects of this kind are identified which apply the same pedagogical sequence to several cases over time. They can be linked to educational centres (for example, transforming the school playground with the same methodology in different schools) or they can be used in spaces with similar characteristics (for example, using the same methodology to change an urban site).

If they are related to schools, it can be done by a teacher + resident  artist/architect, by a teacher + artist/architect adviser or exclusively by a teacher who should apply the proposed methodology. These requests are equivalent to those presented in modality 2, but the educational process must be done in several schools at the same time.

If they are linked to projects out of school time it could be done by: an art education organisation + school, by an art education organisation + community organisation or by an art education organisation as far as the proposed methodology is applied in the educational process. These requests are equivalent to those exposed in modality 3 but the intervention must take place in several spaces.

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