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Projects in Colombia

Colombia discovers ways to establish new links between architecture, play and pedagogy with a focus on childhood.

In these experiences, you can find opportunities where children enjoy pedagogical, material, and didactic innovations that modify relational questions by space, colour, interaction with place, memory, and culture.

Architecture becomes a protagonist in the construction of learning environments that include the processes of game configuration as an opportunity to enhance aesthetic, artistic and identity thinking in children.

Ludantia hosts a country where children are thought in terms of peace. They are the architects, the designers, the artists and the public policy agents, supporting new places that listen to children’s voices and have the courage to recognise places of meaning in the cities that host their hospitals, schools and playgrounds as an opportunity to understand the habitus of childhood in full.

Curator: Jorge Raedó with the collaboration of Olga Lucía Olaya Parra

Design: Lopoldo Rother Museum of Architecture; Memet Charum (Director); Ricardo Navas (Graphic Designer)

Training: Architecture and Education

School infrastructure: early childhood and primary school

Creation of spaces: Architecture and early childhood

Appropriation of city: Territory, spaces and paths of pedagogical innovation

© 2018. Web designed by Conjuntos Empáticos.

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